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This issue features columns from: Daren Brabham, Cindy Conaway and
Sheila Marie Aird, Jayson Harsin, Andrew King, and Christopher Lockett.

This issue's columns in brief:

"The Myth of Amateur Crowds" by Daren Brabham
A more critical lens is held up to the concept of "crowdsourcing,"
dispelling several myths surrounding the role of the amateur in
cultural and commercial production.

"Black Guy Corner: What the Upfront Photos Say about the State of TV,
Part 2" by Cindy Conaway and Sheila Marie Aird
This article, the second in an ongoing series, offers a critical
examination of race in television networks' "upfronts," the
photographs distributed to promote new shows. Does the television
industry reinforce hegemony through the images used to promote these

"Wikileak' Lessons For Media Theory and Politics" by Jayson Harsin
The myriad controversies surrounding Wikileaks holds lessons about
changing relations between new and old media forms and production;
attention, circulation, media capital and celebrity' political economy
and journalism' and even democracy and international relations.

"Advertising and Celebrity Endorsement in Burma" by Andrew King
An examination of the use of celebrity image in Burmese advertising.

"Zombie Gentrification" by Christopher Lockett
An appraisal of AMC's The Walking Dead and how the show participates
in the zombie genre's shift from B-grade schlock to "Quality TV" and
mainstream Hollywood.

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