the latest issue of the 'New Review of Film and Television Studies' has just
been published. It is available in print form and from the ebsco database.

Warren Buckland
Coordinator, MA in Film Studies: Popular Cinema at Oxford Brookes

New Review of Film and Television Studies
Volume 8, number 4 (December 2010)


Cormac Deane
Introduction to Christian Metzís 'Impersonal Enunciation, or the Place of

Christian Metz
Impersonal Enunciation, or the Place of Film (extracts)
Sylvie Bissonnette
Cinema and the Two Cultures: Robert Lepageís 'La face cachťe de la lune'

Agustin Zarzosa
Jane Campionís 'The Piano': Melodrama as Mode of Exchange

Mette Kramer
The Embrace of Mother Nature: Appraisal Processes and the Regulation of
Affect in Attachment Genres

Aaron Petten
The Narrative Structuring and Interactive Narrative Logic of Televised
Professional Wrestling


Imola Miků
A lightning-image of the kaleidoscope: A review of Pšsi Valiahoís 'Mapping
the Moving Image'.

Barry Salt
Review of Jeremy G. Butler, 'Television Style'

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