Cfp for SCMS, March 10-13, 2011, New Orleans – The Global and the Intimate

With a focus on the transnational marginalized subject, this panel seeks to discuss various forms of performances where the subject emerges in its global entanglement. How do we grasp the idea of social, economic and political facets of global relations through the intimate experience of individual bodies-- particularly those of women and labor? How do we grasp “the intimate” (a set of relations, kinship, sexuality, corporeality, internal thought, speech, emotions, affect) through systems connected to global forces and like trade, profit; law, citizenship, and migration; cultural exchange, social movement, tourism? What does the transnational body produce that is unforeseen, unmeasured and negotiates, reproduces, resists the conditions of its own coming into being? 
We are interested in looking at media as a place to explore the transnational body-- inquiring about such notions as: choice, the desire for consciousness and the possibility of desire, coherence of singularity and the problem of coherence and being, all evolving within particular frameworks of space and temporality. 
We seek writings on media as well as media works that contribute to questions about the influences upon and products of transnational bodies.

Please submit paper abstracts (300 words, word attachment) until August 10, 2010 to

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