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Proposed Panel/Workshop Subject: Inter/Transnational Film Exhibition
Organizer Name(s):
Ross Melnick
Deron Overpeck
Mailing Address:
Deron Overpeck
Department of Communication and Journalism
232 Tichenor
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36849
Office Phone Number: 310.951.4842
E-Mail Address: [log in to unmask] 
Summary: This panel seeks papers that examine the industrial,
and/or aesthetic practices of film exhibition (and distribution) within
global context. Our goal is to present a wide range of papers that
focus on
exhibition practices within a specific nation or region and, whenever
possible, to discuss how these issues and transactions may have
geographical borders (especially as multinational exhibition circuits
expanded over the past three decades). Papers may take a variety of
methodological approaches and historical time periods and are not bound
the list of possible topics below.
Possible topics may include:
- Exhibition practices of cinemas and/or circuits situated within a
- Racial, gender, class, religious, political, and other divisions in
international cinemas
- Global exhibition histories of specific films, genres, directors, or
national cinemas
- Dubbing, subtitling, and other related issues of translation and
- The expansion of multinational cinema circuits (Cinemark, UCI,
Europalaces, etc.)
- The international distribution of film to cinemas, televisions,
and alternative         spaces as well as mobile devices and other
- The exhibition of local or global sports, concerts, opera, etc. in
- Non-theatrical, alternative, home, or mobile exhibition venues
- Profiles of individual exhibitors and their local/global influence
exhibition practices
Please send a 250-300 word abstract along with a brief bio to Dr. Ross
Melnick ([log in to unmask]) and Dr. Deron Overpeck ([log in to unmask])
Friday, August 6, 2010. Notifications will be sent by August 15, 2010.
Send individual topics & summaries to organizer(s) by: E-Mail
Deron Overpeck, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Radio, Television and Film Program
Department of Communication and Journalism
Auburn University
Director, Jay Sanders Film Festival

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