Much of John Caldwell's work addresses this issue -- see TELEVISUALITY and

I follow his lead on this in my own book, TELEVISION STYLE (Routledge 2010).
See especially the chapter on MIAMI VICE and its use of a "cinematic"

Also, you may find John Ellis's book, VISIBLE FICTIONS, pertains to your
interests. It's a compare/contrast of film and TV.



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> Subject: TV/Film relations
> Dear All,
> I am currently looking for academic articles/books concerned with the
> 'cinematic' (as it is
> perceived) in television. Specifically, I'm looking for work
> that examines the spin-off TV series, the employ of a 'cinematic
> aesthetic' in TV, and work that examines the intersection of the two
> mediums - either in the UK or US from the 1970s onwards. I know this sounds
> a little broad, but I would be grateful for any suggested articles/books.
> Many thanks,
> Christine Cornea
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