I went to the store, which is called Dred African Movies.  Most of the 
films seemed to be boy meets girl, adultery, or movies set in church 
communtities, though one appeared to be about maintaing tribal 
traditions in the modern world.   The films tended to be around 150 
minutes long, and often have "Parts 1 & 2" on the box.  The most 
interesting-looking film was called _Empty Coffin_, which was about a 
woman who marries a widower who keeps his wife's body locked in a room 
of his house.  I looked it up on IMDb, but didn't find it.   don't think 
the prices were marked on anything, but there were always plenty of 
copies (and a lot of unused space in the shop), unlike Asian DVD shops 
where they often put only one copy out, as if they want to make you 
think you're getting the last one in stock.

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