The latest issue of the 'New Review of Film and Television Studies' (8:2 
June 2010) is now available in print form and on the Ebsco database. 
Here's the lineup:

Richard Misek
The invisible ideology of white light

Paul Ramaeker
Realism, revisionism and visual style: The French Connection and the new 
Hollywood policier

Mark Jancovich
Phantom ladies: the war worker, the slacker and the ‘femme fatale’

Tina Kendall
‘The in-between of things’: Intermediality in Ratcatcher

Daniela Treveri Gennari and Marco Vanelli
Did Neorealism start in church? Catholicism, cinema and the case of 
Mario Soldati’s Chi è Dio?

Polona Petek
Highways, byways and dead ends: Towards a non-Eurocentric 
cosmopolitanism through yugonostalgia and Slovenian cinema

Federico Pagello
The Lord of the Rings as Global Phenomenon

Hunter Vaughan
Review of Martin Flanagan, Bakhtin and the Movies

Henry K. Miller
Review of Terry Bolas, Screen Education and Dana Polan, Scenes of 

Warren Buckland
Editor, 'New Review of Film and Television Studies'
Reader in Film Studies, Oxford Brookes University

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