We want to let you know that the new issue of Flow: A Critical Forum on
Television and Media Culture is available at

This issue features columns from Megan Sutherland, David Parry, Kevin  
Hamilton and Lisa Nakamura, David L. Andrews, Daren C. Brabham and  
Annie Brabham, Lucas Hilderbrand, and Quinn Miller.

This issue's columns in brief:

"Sweatin' Out the Shame" by Lucas Hilderbrand (
A look at classic VHS workout tapes.

"What Big Ambitions You Have!: ABC's 1965 Revision of 'Little Red  
Riding Hood'" by Quinn Miller (
An examination of "The Dangerous Christmas of Red Riding Hood?or Oh  
Wolf, Poor Wolf" and its role in the camp sensibility emerging within  
U.S. media culture in the mid-1960s.

"Introduction to Oogabooga Studies" by David Parry (
As a follow-up to discussions of the "new" and "media" aspects of "new  
media" studies, Parry proposes the name "Oogabooga Studies" to  
ameliorate the overuse of the phrase "new media."

"The Return of the Digital Native: Interfaces, Access and Racial  
Difference in District 9" by Kevin Hamilton and Lisa Nakamura  
An analysis of "digital natives" and similar representations within  
science fiction films.

"An Empty Set" by Megan Sutherland (
A consideration of theoretical applications to the apparatus of  
television against the presence of cable signal frequency.

"Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright" by David L. Andrews (
A look at the (crumbling) star identity of Tiger Woods.

"Bing: An Illiterate Cure for Search Overload" by Daren C. Brabham and  
Annie Brabham (
A consideration of how the search engine Bing "decides" for its users.

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