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Routledge are pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of Celebrity
Studies is now free to download online.


Celebrity Studies focuses on the critical exploration of celebrity,
stardom and fame. It seeks to make sense of celebrity by drawing upon a
range of (inter)disciplinary approaches, media forms, historical periods
and national contexts.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Table of Contents

Editorial: A Journal in Celebrity Studies                         

Su Holmes and Sean Redmond



-       Approaching Celebrity Studies - Graeme Turner

-       The Adventures of the Bridge Jumper - Jacob Smith

-       The promotion and presentation of the self: Celebrity as marker
of presentational media - P. David Marshall

-       'A trust betrayed': celebrity and the work of emotion - Heather
Nunn and Anita Biressi

-       The 'place' of television in celebrity studies - James Bennett
and Su Holmes

-       Avatar Obama in the Age of Liquid Celebrity - Sean Redmond

-       Celebrity, Ageing, And Jackie Chan: Middle-Aged Asian In
Transnational Action - Chris Holmlund


Celebrity Forum: 

-       Introduction - James Bennett

-       Public Personas, Private Lives and the Power of the Celebrity
Comedian: A consideration of the Ross and Brand 'Sachsgate' affair -
Lisa Kelly

-       Female Celebrities and the Media: the gendered denigration of
the 'ordinary' celebrity - Milly Williamson

-       Celebrity Diplomacy, Spectacle and Barack Obama - Douglas


Book Reviews:

-       Seeing Stars: Spectacle, Society and Celebrity Culture - by
Chris Holmlund reviewed by Steve Spittle

-       Fame by Mark Rowlands - Reviewed by Emma Bell

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