Martin O'Shaughnessy has asked me to alert colleagues to an extension of 
the deadline for papers on French/Francophone film until 10 March for 
the annual ASMCF conference.

*/La France et la Crise: bilans, ruptures, antécédents/*

*Modern and Contemporary France annual conference, Nottingham Trent, 
9-11 September 2010*

The current economic crisis surely constitutes a major turning point for 
France, Europe and the broader world. Since around 1983 -- the time of 
the Socialist government's famous shift to the right -- the march of 
liberal globalisation has seemed unquestioned and inevitable, decisively 
shifting the balance of power between capital and nation-states on the 
one hand, between management and labour on the other. The crisis has 
thrown that apparently inevitable process into doubt, questioning our 
assumptions and inviting us to an urgent mapping of the present and a 
rethinking of our understanding of an immediate and longer-term past and 
possible futures. The conference will be organised around four major 
themes. We list these below with _suggested_ panels for each theme. _The 
panels suggestions are not meant to imply that alternative ideas are not 
also warmly welcomed_.

*1. **Mapping the crisis *

We would welcome panel proposals in the following areas:

Narratives of crisis (frameworks, actors, causes, solutions, periodisations)

The impact of the crisis on 'mainstream' politics

The crisis as moral crisis

Policy responses to the crisis

The crisis and the margins

The geography of crisis

The crisis and the world of work

The crisis in mainstream and alternative media

* *

*2. **Reactions to the crisis*

We would welcome panel proposals in the following areas:

Political alternatives (Greens, anti-capitalists, counter-globalists)

Protest movements and protest repertoires

Social movement reactions

Cultural responses (film, novel, theatre, song, bande dessinée etc.)

Intellectual reactions and interventions

* *

*3. **The international perspective*

We would welcome panel proposals in the following areas:

The crisis and development from a French perspective

The crisis and French Exceptionalism

France, Europe and the crisis

The French role in broader international responses to the crisis

*4. Histories, bilans*

We would welcome panel proposals in the following areas:

The 'bilan' of the neo-liberal years: patterns, changes, resistances

The crisis and the legacy of 1968

The crisis and the 1930s

The crisis of the 1970s

In line with the ASMCF's interdisciplinary approach, this three day 
conference will welcome papers from a wide variety of disciplines 
including international relations, history, geography, politics, 
economics, sociology and religious, gender, literary, cultural, film and 
media studies. We welcome both proposals for individual papers (300 
words max.) and for panels, which should consist of three presenters and 
a named chairperson. *Papers may be delivered in English or French*. The 
total time for one paper is 20 minutes both for presentations in panels 
as well as for individual presentations. Postgraduates students are 
strongly encouraged to present papers.

Postgraduate Poster Session: Postgraduates in the early stage of their 
research are invited to present their work at the conference Poster 
Session. The Poster Session aims to enable postgraduate students to 
participate in the conference programme, receive feedback from 
specialists in an informal and friendly setting and to prepare them for 
presenting papers at future conferences. If you require further 
information about presenting a poster at the ASMCF annual conference, 
please contact the ASMCF postgraduate representative, Lindsey Dodd 
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Proposals for papers and panels (with contact details) should be sent to 
Martin.O'Shaughnessy ([log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) or Chris Reynolds 
([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>) by 1 
February 2010. *NEW DEADLINE 10 MARCH 2010*

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