This is a reminder that the deadline for submitting proposals to Supernatural: TV Goes to Hell is the 22nd January 2010.

Call for Papers: Supernatural: TV Goes to Hell

David Lavery and Stacey Abbott invite your contributions to Supernatural: TV Goes to Hell, an in-development collection of essays on Eric Kripke's American television series (The WB, 2005-2006, The CW, 2006-2010), scheduled to end with the upcoming season.

The editors are seeking original, smart, intellectually challenging but readable 3,000 to 5,000 word essays, demonstrating solid knowledge of the series and its television context and appealing to both academics and serious fans. A suggestive list of subjects can be found below.
Send your proposal (not more than 500 words) in length and a brief bio to both [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> and [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> by no later than January 22, 2010. Contributors chosen for inclusion in the book will then have until the end of the summer of 2010 to submit their finished essays. Feel free to write the editors with preliminary questions.

The Editors
David Lavery is Professor of English at  Middle Tennessee State University. The author of numerous essays and reviews and author/co-author/editor/co-editor of seventeen books published or under contract, including Joss: A Creative Portrait of the Maker of the Whedonverses (I. B. Tauris/St. Martin's, 2009), The Essential Cult TV Reader (U P Kentucky, 2010), and volumes on such television series as Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Sopranos, Lost, Deadwood, Seinfeld, My So Called Life, Heroes, Gilmore Girls, and Battlestar Galactica, he co-edits the e-journal Slayage: The Online International Journal of Buffy Studies and is one of the founding editors of Critical Studies in Television: Scholarly Studies of Small Screen Fictions. He has lectured around the world on the subject of television.

Stacey Abbott is a Reader in Film and Television Studies at Roehampton University. She is the editor/co-editor of Reading Angel: The TV Spin-off with a Soul (I. B. Tauris, 2005), Investigating Alias: Secrets and Spies (I. B. Tauris, 2007), and (with Deborah Jermyn) Falling in Love Again: Romantic Comedy in Contemporary Cinema, and is the General Editor for Tauris' Investigating Cult TV series. She is also the author of Angel (TV Milestones, Wayne State University Press, 2007) and Celluloid Vampires (University of Texas Press, 2007).

Supernatural Topics

This list is only intended to be suggestive. Please feel free to propose papers on topics not listed here. SN = Supernatural

Jensen Ackles (SN actor) acting advertising/marketing of SN
Alastair (SN character) America American Gods’ (Neil Gaiman) influence on Eric Kripke
ancillary texts (comics, novels, official and unofficial guides, etc.) angels apocalypse
Ash (SN character) Azazel (SN character) Pamela Barnes (SN character)
Jim Beaver (SN actor) Charles Beeson (SN director) the Bible
books Steve Boyum (Supernatural director) Lisa Braeden (SN character)
Jeremy Carver (SN writer) Castiel (SN character) the Colt
Mischa Collins (SN actor) James L. Conway (SN director) Barry Cook (SN character)
costuming' Crossroads Demon (SN character) Andrew Dabb (SN writer)
deaths of major characters demons, monsters, villains dreams
Ben Edlund (SN writer) Carver Edlund (pen name of Chuck Shurley) Daniel Elkins (SN character)
Peter Ellis (Supernatural director) faith families
fight scenes folklore food
Sera Gamble (SN writer) gender genre
Ellen and Jo Harvelle (SN characters) Richard Hatem (SN writer) Hell
Hellblazer comics’ influence on Eric Kripke FBI Agent Victor Henricksen (SN character) high school
Terri Hughes (SN writer) humor Cathryn Humphris (Supernatural writer)
the Impala individual episodes of SN intertextuality
John Winchester’s journal Kansas Eric Kripke (SN creator)
language(s) LARPING (live action role playinig) Lilith (SN character)
Daniel Loflin (SN writer) Lucifer (SN character) magic
Kim Manners (SN director) Meg Masters (SN character) McG (SN producer)
metatextuality Ron Milbauer (SN writer) Anna Milton (SN character)
minor characters Jessica Moore (SN character) Jeffrey Dean Morgan (SN actor)
music narrative David Nutter (SN director)
Jared Padalecki (SN actor) Mark Pellegrino (SN actor) pop culture references
prophecy race the road
road culture the Roadhouse (SN location) Mike Rohl (SN director)
romance Ruby (SN character) Ruby's knife
Sam & Dean as brothers Sam and Dean's "secret" identities Sandman comics’ influence on Eric Kripke
Season 1 of SN Season 2 of SN Season 3 of SN
Season 4 of SN Season 5 of SN season finales
self-referentiality set design sex
Philip Sgriccia (SN director) John Shiban (SN writer) Chuck Shurley (SN character)
Julie Siege (SN writer) Bobby Singer (SN character) Robert Singer (SN director/producer)
Singer Salvage Yard the 66 seals space and place
Harry Spangler (SN character) special effects story arcs
subplots subtexts SN & postmodernism
Supernatural & Quality TV SN & the American television industry SN & religion
SN & television scheduling SN & the CW SN & the WB
SN & the writer’s strike SN & TV auteurism SN abroad
SN’s audience SN comic books SN ’s credit sequences
Supernatural directors SN DVD commentaries SN fan communities
SN fan fiction Supernatural in the media SN influences
SN merchandise SN Official Companions Supernatural on the web
SN tie-in novels SN writers SN’s influences
Bela Talbot (SN character) tall tales teaching SN
Tessa (SN character) “then” and “now” ("previously on" Supernatural) J. Miller Tobin  (SN director)
Tom (SN character) Raelle Tucker (SN writer) urban legends
Uriel (SN character) Vancouver Gordon Walker (SN character)
Dean Winchester (SN character) John Winchester (SN character) Mary Winchester (SN character)
Sam Winchester (SN character) Young Dean Winchester (SN character) Young John Winchester (SN character)
Young Mary Winchester (SN character) Young Sam Winchester (SN character) the Winchester Gospels
Matt Witten (SN writer) Zachariah (SN character) Ed Zeddmore (SN character)

Dr. Stacey Abbott
Reader in Film and Television Studies
School of Arts
Roehampton University
Roehampton Lane
SW15 5PH
tel: 0208 392 3439

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