1. The Europeanness of European Cinema (June, London)

2. Exploring the Edge of Trauma (May, Chichester)


1. The Europeanness of European Cinema (June, London)

International Conference


4 June 2010 - King’s College London

Keynote Speaker: Thomas Elsaesser

Confirmed Plenary Speakers: Ginette Vincendeau and Dina Iordanova

Opening Speech by Jan Palmowski


Studies in European cinema have often been focused on specific 
countries, genres or auteurs. However, there has been, since the 1990s, 
a renewed interest in European film as an entity with significance 
beyond the sum of its parts. Promoted by the policies in support of the 
audiovisual industry set in motion by the Council of Europe and the 
European Union, this new interest led to an amplified debate on Europe 
and the cinema that is produced and consumed there. Meanwhile, top of 
the theoretical agenda, the issue of identity has surfaced as the prime 
concern. As the framework shifts from national to transnational cinemas 
and concepts such as ‘hyphenated identity’ and ‘double occupancy’ gather 
strength, this conference seeks to explore the ongoing

validity of Europe as a reference in film. Papers are welcomed on any 
aspect of how European identity might define itself through cinema, 
spanning issues of representation, industry and cultural policy. Areas 
of interest might include:

- pan-European production and distribution strategies;

- the label ‘Europe’ in film distribution and exhibition, including 
festival circuits;

- examples of films that engage with the idea of Europe;

- how particular national cinemas might simultaneously identify 
themselves as European;

- the issue of language, dubbing and subtitling;

- and how any of these questions might have shifted historically and 
with the advent of

new European initiatives.

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Deadline: 5 February 2010

Conference organised by: Mary Harrod, Mariana Liz, Alissa Timoshkina

Film Studies Department, King's College London


    2. Exploring the Edge of Trauma (May, Chichester)

    *CFP: Exploring the Edge of Trauma*

*Date: *


13 May to 16 May 2010



West Dean Conference Centre, West Dean College, West Dean, Chichester, 
PO18 0QZ

// //

//The 7th Cultural Intersections International Colloquium, organised by://

    * Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Kingston University, London, UK
    * Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Kingston University,
      London, UK
    * Department of Languages and Linguistics, McMaster University,
      Ontario, Canada


Exploring the Edge of Trauma will interrogate the intricate and 
wide-ranging ways through which we seek to go over the edge of trauma, 
through art, literature, media, therapeutic and social experience, all 
of which call for the construction/deconstruction of metaphors and 
representations that help or prevent sharing and communicating about trauma.

In an interdisciplinary and international context, the conference will 
delineate and discuss some of the rich cultural and social experience 
accumulated in this quest, and investigate the 
impossibility/possibilities to be fully cognate with and experience the 
trauma of others and communicate our own traumas.

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· Cinema, Trauma and Displacement - convenor: Carrie Tarr, Kingston 

· Cities of Trauma - convenor: Stephen Barber, Kingston University

· Class Trauma - Francois Nectoux, Kingston University

· The Legacy of Colonial Trauma - Lieve Spaas, Kingston University

· Narrating Trauma - Tamas Benyei, University of Debrecen

· Remediating Trauma - Chris Horrocks, Kingston University

· Responses to Trauma in the Visual Arts - Fran Lloyd, Kingston University

· The Unspeakable: the Language of Trauma - Magda Stroinska, McMaster 

· Vengeance, sacrifice, catharsis: experiences masculines et feminines - 
Anne et Catherine Saouter, Université du Québec à Montréal

· Young People Online: The Internet as a Medium for Trauma and Traumatic 
Experience - Julia Davidson, Kingston University

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