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Television and Media Culture is available at

This issue features columns from David L. Andrews, Lucas Hilderbrand,  
Meghan Sutherland, Jordan Lavender-Smith, David Parry, Matthew  
Ferrari, Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Peterson and Lisa Nakamura.

This issue's columns in brief:
"Vampire Politics" by Laurie Beth Clark, Michael Peterson and Lisa  
Nakamura (
Reading the Southern politics of the opening credits for HBO?s True Blood

"Of American Slouch and English Fervour" by David L. Andrews  
A revealing look into English and American football crowds, their  
historic relationships to the sport, and their complicated defiance of  
corporate interference in the game.

"Stage Left: Glee and the Textual Politics of Difference" by Lucas  
Hilderbrand (
A look at difference, marginalization, and minority politics in the  
new show Glee.

"Being on Television" by Meghan Sutherland (
An examination of the holiday broadcast considering ?liveness? and  
ontological themes revolving within television studies

"Networking Families: Battlestar Galactica and the Values of Quality"  
by Jordan Lavender-Smith (
A consideration of the tropes of ?quality? in Battlestar Galactica.

"New Media is Neither New nor Media. Discuss." by David Parry  
An exploration of the the continued use of the terms ?media? and  
?new,? prevents us from focusing on how this change from analog to  
digital is more than just a media shift.

"Reading Narrative Excess in Mixed Martial Arts" by Matthew Ferrari  
An analysis of the psychodynamics of televised mixed martial arts and  
"pauses" as narrative excess.

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