Dear all (apologies for cross-listing),

I am looking for suggestions regarding film adaptations of novels in which a
famous, or at least real painting is involved. So for instance, I am
*not*looking for examples with fictional paintings like The Portrait
of Dorian
Gray. Rather, I am thinking of things like the use of Blake in Manhunter/Red
Dragon and other instances of art in the Lecter franchise. Or Girl with a
Pearl Earring, which is later referenced in St. Trinians. Substitutions and
omissions etc involving other kinds of artwork are interesting to me as
well, such as the insertion of the Bodyworlds statues in Casino Royale, or
the painting in American Pscyho which is changed for something else in the
film. Le Divorce and the Ripley texts are also on my radar, but I would very
much appreciate any extensions to my small list that anyone can provide. I
can be reached off-list at [log in to unmask] as well.


Anthony Metivier

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