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Television and Media Culture is available at

This issue features columns from Matthew Ferrari, Denise Mann, Peter  
Lehman and Susan Hunt, Michela Ardizzoni, and Adrienne McLean.

This issue's columns in brief:

"Mixed Martial Arts? Burgeoning Wild Kingdom" by Matthew Ferrari  
A look at masculinity and the primal in the Ultimate Fighting  
Championship and mixed martial arts.

"Does 'Heroes 360' Represent NBC's Blistering Vision of the Future?"  
by Denise Mann (
An exploration of the ongoing tension between user-generated and  
official, network generated content in the Heroes websites.

"Hanging by a Thread" by Peter Lehman and Susan Hunt  
For better and worse, the body guy's big penis is all he has left on  
the new HBO series Hung.

"Democracy without Dissent: Satirical News in Italy" by Michela  
Ardizzoni (
A consideration of the Italian, satirical news program ?Striscia la  
Notizia? and how it reflects the political corruption of the prime  
minister Silvio Berlusconi.

"Performing Live: Acting, Authenticity, and Reality Television" by  
Adrienne McLean (
An examination of the relationship between the 'ontology of liveness'  
and 'reality' in television today.

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