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The Tactile Eye: Touch and the Cinematic Experience

Jennifer M. Barker is Assistant Professor of Moving Image Studies in 
the Department of Communication, Georgia State University.

The Tactile Eye expands on phenomenological analysis and film theory 
in its accessible and beautifully written exploration of the visceral 
connection between films and their viewers. Jennifer M. Barker argues 
that the experience of cinema can be understood as deeply tactile-a 
sensuous exchange between film and viewer that goes beyond the visual 
and aural, gets beneath the skin, and reverberates in the body. 
Barker combines analysis of embodiment and phenomenological film 
theory to provide an expansive description of cinematic tactility. 
She considers feminist experimental film, early cinema, animation, 
and horror, as well as classic, modernist, and postmodern cinema; 
films from ten national cinemas; and work by Chuck Jones, Buster 
Keaton, the Quay Brothers, Satyajit Ray, Carolee Schneemann, and Tom 
Tykwer, among others.

Full information about the book, including the first chapter and the 
table of contents, is available online:

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