My school's AV/IT support department has just told me that they can't
legally make clips from any film source for any reason due to copyright

Before I say "pish posh", I thought I might ask here...

I need clips from feature films that would fall well under 10 % of total
running time.  I would be using them in classroom and conference
presentation only.  And they are not Disney.  And it's okay with me if
the clips are housed on a password-restricted streaming server.

Three requests 

-- can you all point me toward the current law so I can review what it
says? -- can you all make suggestions about workarounds if you have had
a similar problem?
--can you all help me to figure out what kind of equipment and programs
I would need to do this on my own?  

Thanks in advance for advice and help! 

Danielle Glassmeyer
English Department 
Bradley University

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