Dear List members,

I am putting together a course that will focus on the styles and aesthetics
of allegorical cinema. I already have a good list of films, but was
wondering if list members would have any suggestions. I have lots of films
from Spain, Iran, Germany, one from Tunisia and of course Raul Ruiz and Atom
Egoyan and am pretty familiar with the allegorical aspects of Brazilian
Cinema Novo (disucssed in Ismail Xavier's book). I have less knowledge of
other Latin American cinema though.

I'm also quite unfamiliar with films from Eastern Europe, except Kusturica.
Info on availability on DVD with English subtitles would also be helpful.

I'd also like to include a couple of Hollywood films which have been read
allegorically. In particular ones which are not necessarily allegorical
simply on a narrative level, but use interesting film techniques to alert
the viewer to meaning beyond the surface.

Oh, and please don't mention Star Wars!!!!

All suggestions welcome.
PS. I have a Benjamin/Deleuzian take on allegory.

Warm regards,
Michelle Langford

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