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We asked. You Voted. The Flow Editorial Staff is proud to present  
FlowTV's "Top 10" Lists of 2008. Lists include Top 10 TV Shows, Top 10  
Under 10, Top 10 Under 10: Election Edition, Top 10 Failures, and Top  
10 Video Games. ( )

In addition to the "Top 10" Lists, this issue features columns from  
Michela Ardizzoni, Chris Russill, Lisa W. Kelly, Julia Lesage, Mary  
Celeste Kearney, Christine Quail, and Nick Marx.

This issue's columns in brief:

"Reality Television Is No Ground Breaking " by Michela Ardizzoni  
( ):
A critique of the representation of gender and relationships on  
Italian reality television programming.

"Climate Change TV" by Chris Russill (
An inquiry into the present and future state of climate change news on  

"10 Years Younger: The Women Deemed ?Too Old? For TV " by Lisa W.  
Kelly (
Late-night musings on the last of the original kings of comedy.

"The Dog Whisperer as Leader of the Pack" by Julia Lesage  
Analyzing the televisual presence of Cesar on The Dog Whisperer.

"Malia Obama, Girl Photographer " by Mary Celeste Kearney  
( ):
A look at how President Obama's eldest daughter both upholds and  
challenges long-held notions about girls and technology.

"Hip To Be Square: Nerds in Media Culture" by Christine Quail  
An exploration of the transformation of "the nerd" in popular media  
and its significance in our society.

"Nowhere to Go but Up: Redeeming HBO?s Eastbound & Down" by Nick Marx  
Critiquing and contextualizing HBO'S new show Eastbound & Down as the  
latest 'cringe' comedy .

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