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This issue features columns from Ben Aslinger, Serra Tinic, Jeffrey
Sconce, Rebecca McCarthy, Priscilla Peņa Ovalle, Martin Roberts, and
Michael Z. Newman.

This issue's columns in brief:

?Soundalikes and Disrupted Pleasures? by Ben Aslinger
A consideration of music copyright struggles and their effects on
business practices, audience pleasure and contemporary research.

?Brave, New [Branded?] Online World: by Serra
Tinic (
An examination of the world?s first interactive romantic comedy.

?Will Hallucinate for Licensed Product? by Jeffrey Sconce
A look at what the psychiatry calls the ?delusion of reference.?

?The Rise of the Active Audience and Stephen Colbert?? by Rebecca
McCarthy (
An examination of the active audience redefined through the Stephen
Colbert character.

?Head & Shoulders Gives Good Hair: Dance, Hair, and Latina
Representation?? by Priscilla Peņa Ovalle (
An analysis on how the media Latina is once again ambiguously
racialized through representations of hair and dance.

?This Was England: British Television And/As Cultural Heritage? by
?Martin Roberts (
An exploration of British television?s nostalgia for itself.

?TV Binge? by ?Michael Z. Newman
A look at the practice of television as a more intense and personal

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