Slum Dog Millionaire is coming to the Hollywood 16 theaters!

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Date: Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 6:56 PM
Subject: Upcoming Movies

Dear Moviegoers
I know many of you wanted to see GHAJINI but we are unable to bring it the
distributor felt it was to expensive especially since it was released 10 days ago
you see we can't have the theatre during the Christmas Holidays due to much Volume
the Theatre has of it own so we probably will not be able to make the The cost of the
theatre let alone the movie because so many people would have already seen it by now
again we are sorry!
The Cobb Theatre is bringing SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE because we have requested it
it will begin Jan.23 and continue as long as there is an audience the first weekend.
We have also requested Chawdani Chowk to China from the theatre since Warner Bros.
is releasing it and we can't get the rights for that one, I will keep you informed!
As far as movie club we have two movies coming in Feb. Delhi 6 and Billoo Barbar.
sorry for the inconvience!

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