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The latest issue of the 'New Review of Film and Television Studies' (6: 
3, December 2008) is now available.
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Warren Buckland
Editor, 'New Review of Film and Television Studies'

Just published: Warren Buckland (ed.), 'Puzzle Films: Complex 
Storytelling in Contemporary Cinema' (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009).

'New Review of Film and Television Studies'(6:3, December 2008)

Methodological Questions in “Interactive Film Studies”
Dominic Arsenault, Bernard Perron, Martin Picard, and Carl Therrien

Into the Light: Re-considering off-frame and off-screen space in gallery 
Catherine Fowler

Portrait of the artist as a pun man: Humor and its structures in the 
films of Jean-Luc Godard
Sydney Duncan

 From screen to stage: Almodóvar’s All About My Mother
Gwynne Edwards

What ever happened to West Side Story?: Gene Kelly, jazz dance, and not 
so real men in Jacques Demy’s The Young Girls of Rochefort
Svea Becker and Bruce Williams

Cosmetic Surgery and Mediated Body Theatre: The Designable Body in the 
Makeover Program The Swan
Anne Jerslev

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Twilight: Rod Serling’s Challenge to 1960s’ 
Television Production
Jon Kraszewski

Notes on Filmosophy: A Reply to Reviews
Daniel Frampton

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