We want to let you know that the new issue of Flow: A Critical Forum on
Television and Media Culture is available at

This issue features columns from Jeffrey Sconce, Priscilla Peña Ovalle, Michael
Z. Newman, Martin Roberts, and Michael Kackman.

This issue's columns in brief:

"A Specter is Haunting Television Studies" by Jeffrey Sconce
An examination of what media studies and the current financial crisis have in

"Viva Viagra! Or, How Race Dances Around Erectile Dysfunction" by Priscilla Peña
Ovalle (
A look at how the fabricated white-by-default world of Viagra and its dance/sex
equation are racialized.

"The Bronz Fonz: Public Art/Popular Culture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin" by Michael
Z. Newman (
An exploration of Wisconsin’s monument to the Fonz of Happy Days.

"Another Green World: Lifestyle Television's Environmental Turn" by Martin
Roberts (
A consideration of the recent turn to the environmentally-conscious in lifestyle

"Quality Television, Melodrama, and Cultural Complexity" by Michael Kackman
A look at the ways in which Quality TV (and Lost in particular) negotiates the
territory between melodrama and elitist aesthetics.

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