Hockey Mom or Sarah Barracuda? Addressing the Media Coverage of Sarah Palin

In light of the overwhelming surge of discourse following John 
McCain's selection of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his 
vice-presidential running mate, the editors of FlowTV invite 
submissions dealing with the media treatment, reaction, and handling 
of Gov. Palin as a politician, a woman, a "Hockey Mom," a wife, an 
Alaskan, and a Conservative. We hope the following quotes serve as a 
jumping off point - what we view as some of the most poignant 
examples of the recent media treatment - but we encourage submissions 
to look to viral video, spoofs, celebrations, editorials, Facebook 
status updates, blog entries, and myriad other sources of coverage.
Submissions should be between 1000-1500 words. Because of the 
topicality of the particular subject, we welcome submissions as soon 
as possible, and no later thanSeptember 30th. While we seek neither 
diary entries nor diatribes, submissions need not be overly formal or 
academic, and we encourage the incorporation of images and video. 
Additionally, we encourage alternative perspectives from students, 
non-Americans, bloggers, etc.

Please send submissions and inquiries to Anne Petersen 
<<mailto:[log in to unmask]>mailto:[log in to unmask]> 
, <>[log in to unmask], Co-Coordinating Editor

For more info, see <http://flowtv.org/?p=1711>http://flowtv.org/?p=1711.  

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