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This issue features columns from Ethan Thompson, Joshua Green, John Cline, Dana
C. Gravesen, and Evan Elkins .

This issue's columns in brief:

"iWant My TweenTV: iCarly, Sitcom 2.0" by Ethan Thompson
An examination of iCarly’s convergence comedy.

"MisUnderstanding YouTube" by Joshua Green (
A look at YouTube’s issues with copyright infringement.

"Bazin’s Action Hero?" by John Cline (
A discussion of Rambo (2008) and the possibility of a “post-realist” cinema.

"Don’t Drop the Soap Opera: Decoding Queer Visibility on As the World Turns" by
Dana C. Gravesen (
A critical look at the politics of queer representation on daytime television.

"Great Job?: Tim and Eric’s Comedy of Failure" by Evan Elkins
A look at the bizarre comedy of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

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