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An innovative examination of the interrelation between first person 
filmmaking and collective identity

Alisa S. Lebow
University of Minnesota Press | 240 pages | 2008
ISBN 978-0-8166-4354-7 | hardcover | $67.50
ISBN 978-0-8166-4355-4 | paperback | $22.50
Visible Evidence Series, volume 22

Alisa S. Lebow examines films from Jewish artists to reveal how the 
postmodern impulse to turn the lens inward intersects provocatively 
(and at times unwittingly) with historical tropes and stereotypes of 
the Jew. Using a multidisciplinary approach Lebow shows how this form 
of self-expression is challenging both autobiography and documentary 
and, in the process, changing the art of cinema and recording the 
cultural shifts of our time.

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