apologies for duplication


in TORN CURTAIN there’s a scene in what the film identifies as the “museen zu berlin” [perhaps a real place, perhaps not] and in that scene hitchcock twice frames his shots so that our view is dominated by a statue that is in the center foreground and takes up well over half the frame . . . of course the statue is never identified, and because it’s so much in the foreground with the main lighting coming from behind it much of what we can see is close to silhouette  . . . so far as i can make out the statue is somewhat larger than life size and shows  large bird of some kind [an eagle??] and a human figure, based on musculature apparently male—


for many reasons it’s clearly not leda and the swan –. . . maybe ganymede? . . . but that myth has no resonance with the film  . . .


if anyone has any info about this, or even educated guesses, i’d be very glad to hear them


many thanks