first of all, my thanks to the many who have offered suggestions about
the statue that hitchcock foregrounds in one sequence of TORN CURTAIN .
. . the answers lead in a quite remarkable [and unexpected] direction

for those who may care, here's what i learned
	1.  the actual museum represented in the film was the Museen zu
Berlin, a collection of museums on an island in East Berlin; the
specific museum is actually the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National
	2.  this museum was behind the iron curtain and inaccessible to
hitchcock who worked exclusively with sets and a series of matte
paintings by albert whitlock . . . the statue in the movie then would
not likely be one in the museum
	3.  from the description of the statue two different respondents
guessed that it would be a statue of prometheus and the eagle . . . . on
reflection this seems to me almost certainly on target since fire is so
significant a motif is the film
	4. finally, so far as i can tell no critic who has written on
the TORN CURTAIN, even those who call attention to the importance of the
fire motif, have noticed this detail -- or if they have chose not to
mention it . . . if anyone is aware of previous comments linking the
film explicitly to prometheus i'd very much like to know of them

thanks again


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