I think Dennis and the other person covered this pretty well but I just want
to emphasize  that many of small guys try very hard to get it right but
expenses and access are daunting. Kino simply could not afford to do it's
own NTSC transfer on a non- US film that would almost surely sell under
1,000 copies. We try very hard to do the best we can with limited resources
and there are only two titles ( I am not naming names) that truly embarrass
me and they had nothing to do with transfer issues just crappy material.

I confess we are sensitive to being compared to pirate  companies because
with all the bootleggers who  sell OUR films ( often including the same box
art) on the web. We certainly count on the academic community for support
because trust me there is not a huge demand at retail stores for Victor
Sjostrom and Lech Majewsky films.

On 6/18/08 2:23 PM, "Scott Andrew Hutchins" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone knows the reasoning why Facets is such a great store
> and such a horrible DVD label?  VHS source material, usually cropped with
> burned-in subtitles.  Is it their fault?  Or is it a matter that Criterion or
> Kino is unable to get better quality copies from the copyright holders and
> reject them, leaving Facets to release the best that they can, that wasn't
> good enough for other art film labels?  That seems to be the only reason
> Facets should suck so bad.  They must have to pay an enormous licensing fee,
> since they charge ten times what similar quality DVDs often cost  (Brentwood's
> early releases, Westlake, Digiview, Front Row, Alpha, etc.).  I'm thinking of,
> for example Czech New Wave releases and for forth.  Is it the film owners'
> faults?  Apparently the only way to see Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
> better(and uncropped) is to get a flickery PAL release.  As it is, the Facets
> release is mastered from a PAL VHS, so it runs slightly too fast.
> Even films with electonic subtitles like their Bela Tarr collection generally
> have the subtitles burned in, so that's a strike that can't be chalked up to
> the film owners.
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