Isn't this from Copland's "Lincoln Portrait?"  I know there's also a Dan Quayle parody.

I'm still trying to identify the dust bowl cartoon with the kid saying "We is po'" at the beginning and end, if anyone knows that film.

Scott Andrew Hutchins [archive site; not currently active]

"Those who had been successful adapted themselves to the world around them, had bent their greater mental powers into the pattern of acceptable action.  And this dulled their usefulness, limited their capacity, hedged their ability with restrictions set up to fit less extraordinary people."  -- Clifford D. Simak, "Census" (1944)

---- Krin Gabbard <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 
> Greetings, colleagues.  I've been watching Warner Bros. cartoons from the 
> 1940s, and I need to identify the source for a catch phrase.  I know that 
> Jimmy Durante said, "Everybody's wants to get into the act," and that Fats 
> Waller said, "What's the matter with him?"  But who said, "That's what the 
> man said"?  Or maybe it's "That's what he said, that's what the man said." 
> Please help.
> Cheers,
>         krin
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