We want to let you know that the new, special edition issue of Flow: A Critical
Forum on
Television and Media Culture is available at

This issue features columns talking about the WGA Strike of 2007- 2008 from
Shelley Jenkins, Dante Atkins, and Erin Giannini.

This issue's columns in brief:

"Internships, Idealism, and the WGA Strike" by Shelley Jenkins
A critical engagement looking at how undergraduate film and television majors
mitigated their own need to cross the picket line, or risk not graduating on

"The WGA Strike, the Internet and Media Decentralization" by Dante Atkins
A look at how the blog helped the WGA control the
traditional-media narrative.

"Fan Support and Its Effect (Or Lack Thereof) on the Strike" by Erin Giannini
A column asking: did fan organizing have any “real” bearing on the outcome of
the WGA strike?

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Flow Editorial Staff

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