Gilberto Perez's _The Material Ghost_!!!!

Yuri Tsivian's _Early Cinema in Russia and Its Cultural Reception_
Robert Philip Kolker's _A Cinema of Loneliness_
Jeffrey Sconce's  _Haunted Media_
Susan J. Douglas's _Where the Girls Are_
Stephanie Coontz's _The Way We Never Were_
Ying Zhu's _Chinese Cinema in the Era of Reform_
Elaine Tyler May's _Homeward Bound_
Guy Mariner Tucker's _Age of the Gods_

Scott Andrew Hutchins [archive site; not currently active]

"Those who had been successful adapted themselves to the world around them, had bent their greater mental powers into the pattern of acceptable action.  And this dulled their usefulness, limited their capacity, hedged their ability with restrictions set up to fit less extraordinary people."  -- Clifford D. Simak, "Census" (1944)

---- James Monaco <[log in to unmask]> wrote: 
> For a new edition of How to Read a Film we're preparing a list of 100  
> (or so) books everyone learning about the medium should read. Besides  
> the obvious classics I'm looking for more obscure titles -- and not  
> necessarily directly about film (or tv). (For example, I learned a  
> lot about the language of film from Alexander Kira's sixties study,  
> The Bathroom.)
> If you have any suggestions for this list (even if it is your own  
> work) I'd appreciate hearing them.
> Thanks (and apologies for cross-posting).
> JM
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