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Date: Tue, May 13, 2008 at 9:12 PM
Subject: New JUMP CUT online!

The new issue of Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media is now online.

A cornucopia of original and sprightly articles:

Lars von Trier meets Takashi Miike
Tony Scott and Postclassical Hollywood Cinema
A reception analysis of Brokeback Mountain
Babel commercializing innovation
Race and Queers in Far From Heaven and Transamerica
Cruising through Goodbye, Dragon Inn
New media from Palestine
5 discussions of Latin American films
East German westerns celebrating Native Americans
George Clooney's American TV
Queer youth on YouTube
Audio Podcasting
Mock Video Blogs
9/11 Truth movement videos
Hostel II and torture porn
Dark Water and fear of mothering
Marketing Asia Extreme horror

And plenty more.  Free.  Online. Now.

Chuck Kleinhans

co-editor, JUMPCUT: A Review of Contemporary Media

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