From Cynopsis: Digital comes this recommendation of a Website that should
interest TV scholars and historians:

You've got to love the Freedom of Information Act. Thanks to this
> far-reaching law, television writers, producers or concerned viewers
> actually get to see all the formal complaints lodged against programs,
> simply by asking to see the complaint forms. And now there's a website
> called<>that takes the heavy lifting out of the process of filing out the proper
> paperwork. Fill in the blanks of a simple form online and email it to the
> FCC or follow the instructions if you prefer snail mail. Check out the
> examples of complaints the commission gets every day for shows like The
> Daily Show, Law and Order: SVU and, of course, South Park. They give
> fascinating insight into what the FCC is up against.
> Later -- Wayne
> Wayne Karrfalt for Cynopsis: *Digital*
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