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A Hollywood vision of American democracy, projected onto post­World War II

THEATERS OF OCCUPATION: Hollywood and the Reeducation of Postwar Germany
Jennifer Fay
University of Minnesota Press | 264 pages | 2008
ISBN 978-0-8166-4744-6 | hardcover | $67.50
ISBN 978-0-8166-4745-3 | paperback | $22.50

In a rigorous analysis of the American occupation of postwar Germany and the
militaryıs use of ³soft power,² Jennifer Fay considers how Hollywood films,
including Ninotchka, Gaslight, and Stagecoach, influenced German culture and
cinema. Theaters of Occupation reveals how Germans responded to these
education efforts and offers new insights about American exceptionalism and
virtual democracy at the dawn of the cold war.

"Jennifer Fay offers subtle and sophisticated readings of select films,
amply demonstrating how self-contradictory and problematic the American
concept of democratic re-education can be in the sphere of culture." ‹Thomas

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