Here's an episode of Star Trek worth considering:


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Another TV example which loosely fits your parameters (not entirely) is
the show "Life On Mars." Aside from the many questions about whether the
character actually has time-traveled into the past, and the fact that he
is in fact the same person, it might be worth a look, regardless.

It's a BBC production; both seasons (8 episodes each) are available on
DVD, but only in Region 2.


> The most obvious TV example may be the series QUANTUM LEAP, starring Scott
> Bakula, who each week leapt back into the body of someone in the past
> (even including that of Lee Harvey Oswald!).  However, he only returned to
> the actual present once in a while, usually leaping into a new time and
> body each week.
> A sort-of-example is Michael Moorcock's book BEHOLD THE MAN, which is a
> little bit as though THE LIFE OF BRIAN had been played straight and
> involved time travel (but he does not come back).  Another sort-of occurs
> in the recent revival of DR. WHO with David Tennant.  In a two-part
> episode, the Doctor has to become human, forgetting his own identity and
> living as a medical doctor in Edwardian England.
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> I am looking for stories that, like the 2 mentioned above, involve a
> character who travels backwards in time and becomes another character,
> then
> returns to the present and his or her original identity.  While I am
> particularly interested in stories with other elements in common with
> these
> 2 (i.e. in the past, the character endures historical trauma), I welcome
> any
> and all examples.  All media (film/TV/literature...) are welcome.
> Thank you.
> Joshua Hirsch
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