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Uncovering the vital role of interpreters, dubbers, and subtitlers in the
global traffic of film

CINEMA BABEL: Translating Global Cinema
Patrick Greaney
University of Minnesota Press | 304 pages | 2007
ISBN 978-0-8166-5041-5 | hardcover | $67.50
ISBN 978-0-8166-5042-2 | paperback | $22.50

In this wide-ranging work, Abé Mark Nornes examines the relationships
between moving-image media and translation and contends that film was a
globalized medium from its beginning and that its transnational traffic has
been greatly influenced by interpreters. Nornes‹who has written subtitles
for Japanese cinema‹discusses such topics as the translation of film theory,
interpretation at festivals and for coproductions, and ³talkies,²
subtitling, and dubbing.

"Cinema Babel is a remarkable book, providing a solid and essential history
of translation in cinema, as well as an indispensable model for a new kind
of global film studies."‹Eric Cazdyn

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