Institute of Film and Television Studies University of Nottingham,

In September 2008, the Institute of Film and Television Studies at the
University of Nottingham will be launching its new MA in Hollywood
Studies. This distinctive MA locates film, television, and other screen
media within the institutional, economic and cultural frameworks of
global Hollywood; it examines academic and industrial discourses in film
and television studies, with a particular emphasis on globally dominant
Hollywood institutions and practices, including their local situation in
North America, Europe, Asia and elsewhere. If you or your students would
like more information, please see the following link:

MA in Hollywood Studies

How does the Hollywood industry work? Is film any longer its core
product? How is global Hollywood locally situated in North America,
Europe, Asia and elsewhere?

Debate these questions and more in the UK's only Masters degree to focus
specifically on Hollywood as one of the dominant world producers of
film, television and screen media.

This MA considers how Hollywood operates as an industry and creative
system, and the role of Hollywood in history and everyday life. You'll
explore the answers to two essential questions: 'what is Hollywood?' and
'where is Hollywood?'

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