Dear colleagues and Mr Hutchins:

Any chance that S A Hutchins' potential grad schools at the M.A. level (to 
which  he had applied for grad study) would have retained the original 
"Hutchins application file" (dating from 2000) still there in their backfiles?  

If so, perhaps that surviving "Hutchins file" would contain documentation 
of the original GRE score?  I suppose that a grad dept. to which he not only 
applied, but where he actually enrolled, would be even more likely to have 
retained the documented "Hutchins file," complete with 2000 GRE score...?

Good luck,
Steven P Hilll,
University of Illinois.

Date: Fri 21 Dec 00:00:19 CST 2007
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Subject: SCREEN-L Digest - 19 Dec 2007 to 20 Dec 2007 (#2007-202) 
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Date:    Thu, 20 Dec 2007 11:05:12 -0500 
From:    Scott Andrew Hutchins <[log in to unmask]> 
Subject: GRE for Ph.D. students? 

My application for the Ph.D. program at NYU is being considered 
incomplete because I cannot have my GRE scores sent.  I took the GRE in 
2000, and GRE does not hold scores older that October 2003.  Is this 
some sort of tool for abetting the process of elimination by keeping out 
those who didn't go to school continuously? 

Does anyone have any suggestions for obtaining these scores without 
having to take it again?  After two moves I have no idea where my copy 
of my scores is, or even if a cop of that would be considered valid 

It seems to me that NYU is the only school that requires this of Ph.D. 
students.  It seems to me that GRE should be obligated to retain scores 
longer if schools use it as an admission requirement for PH.D. students 
as well as Master's students. 

Scott Andrew Hutchins

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