Most graduate schools, if they require GRE scores, usually specify that they 
have to have been taken within a certain time frame.  I agree that for the 
PHD that poses a new problem.

You might check to see if the school where you got your MA has something 
official in their records.

Our PHD program is in rhetoric, not film, and I think we are finally 
drifting away from requiring the GRE.  As the person in charge of reviewing 
all our graduate applicants for many years (until recently), I can't say 
that the GRE tells you anything other than how the student did on the GRE. 
We have had students with very low scores who excelled in graduate school 
and have gone on to have respectable careers.  One of the highest GRE scores 
I saw was from a student whom we ended up "inviting to leave."

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> My application for the Ph.D. program at NYU is being considered
> incomplete because I cannot have my GRE scores sent.  I took the GRE in
> 2000, and GRE does not hold scores older that October 2003.  Is this
> some sort of tool for abetting the process of elimination by keeping out
> those who didn't go to school continuously?
> Does anyone have any suggestions for obtaining these scores without
> having to take it again?  After two moves I have no idea where my copy
> of my scores is, or even if a cop of that would be considered valid
> documentation.
> It seems to me that NYU is the only school that requires this of Ph.D.
> students.  It seems to me that GRE should be obligated to retain scores
> longer if schools use it as an admission requirement for PH.D. students
> as well as Master's students.
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