I posted the wrong YEAR on my CFP.  The deadlines are, of course, in 2008, 
not 2009.
Sorry for the confusion.

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Subject: CFP: Errol Morris Collection (Update, 8/1/09)

Call for Papers
Errol Morris

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is known for winning the 2004 Academy
Award for Best Documentary for The Fog of War; for his 1998 film The Thin
Blue Line, which both resulted in the release of death-row inmate Randall
Adams and introduced the now-familiar dramatic reenactment; and for his
device known as the Interrotron, which allows direct eye contact
(ostensibly) between the subject and the spectator.   He is a leading
contemporary practitioner in the documentary tradition.
Essays of 4,000-5,000 words are sought for an edited collection of essays on
all aspects of the work of Errol Morris, including his full-length
documentaries, his television series First Person, his feature film The Dark
Wind, and his ads for the Move On/Kerry campaign and others.
Previously unpublished works are preferred.
All critical approaches are welcome, and international contributors are
Please use MLA documentation.

New deadlines:
Proposals: 1 January 2009
Essays:   1 August 2009

Electronic submissions and inquiries to:
Lou Thompson
Professor of English
Texas Woman's University
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