Dear Colleagues
I am looking for films (especially shorts) informed by/about the experiences of recent immigrants. More specifically, I'm looking for films where the urban context plays a dominant role in shaping these experiences. 

Next term, I am teaching an advanced UG video production course where my students will work in collaboration with an urban journalism class to explore the stories of Blooomfield Avenue, a major thoroughfare in North Newark populated by a large, relatively new Latino community. In the course of the term, my students will produce fictional shorts inspired by stories and events from the community and the journalism students will write reports from the same. 

The films I seek will serve as examples of works where the urban experience provides a context for stories of immigration and will be shown to students early in the semester. I would be particularly interested in films distributed online.

For those interested, the works will be presented though a web site next summer. 

Many thanks in advance

Leo Aristimuno
Assistant Professor
Video Production and Media Studies
Rutgers University - Newark
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