The request is a bit vague.  Those films aren’t any more “changeable” than any other and Grand Hotel or Citizen Kane could be more prismatic.  Many of the common elements in those films can be found in Saving Private Ryan (dropped frames, saturated color) and at times in the new spate of TV police procedurals (CSI, etc).  Similar elements are also increasingly becoming a default in horror and action films, the one often looking for ways to disorient viewers while the other wanting to create the aura of excitement.

But extrapolating from that list:

Run Lola Run
Natural Born Killers
True Romance
Smokin’ Aces
The Kingdom (Berg)
Haute Tension
Rob Zombie’s films
Ichi the Killer
Dawn of the Dead remake
Shoot ‘Em Up
Inside Man
Miami Vice
Three Kings
The Island

Maybe could even fit a couple of music documentaries:  PJ Harvey On Tour – Please Leave Quietly & Beastie Boys – Awesome I Shot That.

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