While I'm not in a position to contribute to this, I find it a
fascinating subject that hasn't received much scholarly examination.
I know, as a screenwriter, I borrow from other movies in the genre
I'm working in (horror). Though we call it quoting lol. As a film
fanatic I can see quotes in other films, and always find the quoting
process interesting. Especially when I see quotes from BATTLESHIP
POTEMKIN, which seems to be an extensively quoted film (IE the stair
scene in THE UNTOUCHABLES). Horror may be the most quoted genre, or
self cannibalizing, as in direct quotes from Bava's BAY OF BLOOD in
the Friday the 13th films. More of an hommage than anything else,
it's extensive in horror. My film CARNIES http://www.carniesmovie.com
, now in post, quoted from Bava in terms of lighting and of things
coming into the light from the dark, and from LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT
in the way one of our villains looks. My current project quotes from
FRIDAY THE 13TH, several Japanese films and others. This kind of
quoting deserves more attention, i think, and I congratulate you on
looking at the subject.

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