Depends on what you think of as a significant childhood section, but
Welles's The Magnificent Ambersons takes place over several decades and
chronicles a wealthy brat (George Minafer) coming to adulthood and getting
his "comeuppance."  The scenes with him as a boy are rather short, however.



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Subject: Childhood-to-adulthood movies?
Dear All

Can anyone think of any movies which begin with a child protagonist and then
move on to dramatise the same character's experiences as an adult? I'm not
thinking here of film series (e.g. 400 Blows & sequels), nor films with
childhood flashbacks (e.g. Silence of the Lambs, Day for Night, countless
others), but individual films significantly structured  in this way
employing different actors). I'm sure there must be several but at present
all I
can think of is Once Upon a Time in America (strictly speaking this of
starts in adulthood, then reverts to childhood, then advances to old
you get the idea). Any suggestions very gratefully received.

Tx Barry

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