Studies in French Cinema Volume 7 issue 2 has just appeared with the
following articles:

		79-91 Will Higbee, Beyond the (trans-)national: towards
a cinema of transvergence in post-colonial and diasporic Francophone

		93-106 William Brown, Sabotage or espionage?
Transvergence in the works of Luc Besson 

		107-117 Michael Goddard, East-West European
Superpositions as Transvergent Cinema: Greg Zglinski's Tout un hiver
sans feu (2005) 

		119-129 Florence Martin, Transvergence and cultural
detours: Nadia El Fania's Bedwin Hacker (2002) 

		131-141 Giuseppina Mecchia, The Children Are Still
Watching Us, Cache/Hidden in the Folds of Time 

		143-155 Nick Rees-Roberts, Down and Out: Immigrant
Poverty and Queer Sexuality in Sebastien Lifshitz's Wild Side (2004) 

		157-168 Todd W.Reeser, Transsexuality and the Disruption
of Time in Sebastien Lifshitz's Wild Side 


		See here for abstracts:

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