Dear SCREEN-L Readers: I didn't have any takers for my previous post for
reviewers for NOTES ON MARIE MENKEN. If you wanted to review that film or
the one below for the publication of your choice, please let me know. So
long as you secure a go-ahead from an editor, we are always happy to have
our titles reviewed at any point. 

Call for Reviewers for Doc About Iranian Cinema History
We are seeking North America based scholars who will write and submit a
finished documentary film review to journals (academic print or online),
association newsletters, email listservs, etc.
Reviewers must have a publication(s) in mind, confirm with the editors that
it will publish film reviews, and will be responsible for corresponding with
the editors.  [First Run/Icarus Films cannot submit the review.]   
Please see the following short description. Click on link for full synopsis.
Interested persons should contact me directly, off-list to arrange a review
copy of the film at [log in to unmask]

A Film by Nader Takmil Homayoun
Today Iranian cinema is one of the most highly regarded national cinemas in
the world, regularly winning festival awards and critical acclaim for films
which combine remarkable artistry and social relevance. IRAN: A
CINEMATOGRAPHIC REVOLUTION traces the development of this film industry,
which has always been closely intertwined with the country's tumultuous
political history, from the decades-long reign of Reza Shah Pahlevi and his
son, the rise of Khomeini and the birth of the Islamic Republic, the seizure
by militants of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, and the devastating war with

More about the film:

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