ScreenLex: A Pronunciation Guide for Film/TV Studies has just been launched.

Yes, now everyone can speak like a film/TV professor!

ScreenLex contains pronunciations of key phrases and people's names from the
disciplines of film studies and television studies.  Its items are available
in three ways:

1.  As a podcast.  Download them to your iPod or other mobile-audio device.
2.  Online:  Listen to them online at using a Flash-based
3.  As a downloaded MP3 file.

For more information, please visit:

The first 30 pronunciations (see below) have just been released.  More will
be added, on an irregular basis.  Subscribe to ScreenLex's podcast to make
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ScreenLex seeks suggestions for terms/names to be added to its collection.
We also seek native speakers in languages other than English that would
contribute (accurate!) pronunciations.

And, of course, we welcome corrections or alternative pronunciations!

ScreenLex is a free service of the Telecommunication and Film Department,
the University of Alabama.  It is produced by Jeremy Butler and licensed
under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License.

If you'd like a flier to hand out to students or post somewhere (anywhere!),
please pull up this PDF file and print it:

---- First 30 pronunciations ----

# anamorphic
# auteur theory
# Borzage, Frank
# bourgeoisie
# Brechtian performance
# camera obscura
# cardioid microphone
# chiaroscuro
# chroma key
# diegesis
# diegetic sound
# diegetic space
# distanciation
# kinescope
# kinetoscope
# lavaliere microphone
# mise-en-scene
# paradigmatic
# polysemy
# proletariat
# rotoscope
# segue
# semiotics
# simulacrum
# simulcast
# sync
# syntagmatic structure
# timbre
# verisimilitude
# videography

Jeremy Butler

Professor - TCF Dept. - U Alabama

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