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An innovative examination of the way we watch films‹with a new introduction.

Tom Conley
University of Minnesota Press | 296 pages | 2007
ISBN: 978-0-8166-4970-9 | paperback | $22.50

At a time when traditional film theory privileged the purely visual, Film
Hieroglyphs introduced a new way of watching film‹examining the ways in
which writing bears on cinema. Author Tom Conley gives special consideration
to the points (ruptures) at which story, image, and writing appear to be at
odds with one another.

³Teaches a manner of film viewing that is necessary, convincing, and,
through the repeated demonstration of method, accessible.² ‹T. Jefferson

³A persuasive argument for renovating the ways we Œread films.¹² ‹Bulletin
of the History of Medicine

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