Hi Robert,
I'm teaching myself how to teach intro to film, so I'll be very
interested in any comments you receive, and about your experiences. 
Right now, my courses aren't titled "film" but rather
composition/rhetoric.  I made the decision to include film because I
believe it is narrative, and I can include the same information as I do
in teaching composition--introduction, parallelism, etc. I found a basic
book useful, THE ART OF WATCHING FILM.  You might look at this for your
intro course.
Let's keep in touch.

>>> Bartlett <[log in to unmask]> 2/4/2007 9:35 AM >>>
I am slated to teach Introduction to Film and Film History courses next
year.  I 
want to use the Bordwell and Thompson book, Film Art, for the first
course and the B&T book, 
Film History, for the second.  However, these books seem so
comprehensive that I am concerned 
about how to use class time in a way that will not seem redundant to
the students.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to effective and interesting ways
approach teaching Intro to Film and Film History courses using these

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